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Will the ransomware surge impact Biden’s cyber EO?

FCW interview featuring Alan Chvotkin

July 09, 2021

As ransomware attacks increase in size and scope, officials say no one is safe: the public and private sector are both vulnerable to — and seen as major targets for — multi-pronged cyber attacks that can snarl an entire agency’s operations or shut down a global corporation until a ransom is paid or systems are restored from secure and uncompromised backups (if such backups exist). Meanwhile, the White House has sought to get ahead of these attacks by issuing a cybersecurity executive order featuring aggressive deadlines and sweeping reforms to current federal cyber policy.

If the federal government, its contractors and American businesses writ-large have a fighting chance against these increasingly sophisticated attacks, success will require collaboration, organization and new investments in technology and staffing, according to Alan Chvotkin, a partner at Nichols Liu LLP and the former executive vice president and counsel of the Professional Services Council.

Chvotkin spoke to FCW in a recent interview about the latest ransomware attack, and what federal officials can do to meet the moment and prevent similar attacks against government agencies. The following conversation has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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