Robin Raphel

Senior Advisor

  • Crisis management, government relations, host country relations

  • 40 years of government experience

  • Political and developmental strategist and leader

  • Skilled at persuading government policymakers and other stakeholders to take meetings


Ambassador Robin Raphel is a veteran political and development strategist and leader with over 40 years of service in U.S. foreign policy agencies, including as Ambassador to Tunisia and Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia. A seasoned diplomat, Robin understands cultural and political relationships and lines of authority within the US government, and foreign governments, and how to best leverage such relationships to promote the desired outcome. With a vast network of contacts in key U.S. agencies and in foreign governments who deal regularly with the challenges that confront contractors and businesses working in foreign countries, she is skilled at persuading government policy makers and other stakeholders to take meetings and listen with an open mind to client concerns, and guiding conversations toward favorable outcomes.

Robin’s experience includes work in political risk analysis; economic reconstruction and development efforts in post-conflict societies; business advocacy; and international education. She has particularly deep knowledge of and networks in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, and close ties to international development agencies, multilateral banks, and think tanks. She is a strong manager with team building skills in multicultural environments, as well as an accomplished public speaker and teacher. Robin has worked with more than 20 foreign governments and speaks conversational French and Urdu.


  • University of Maryland, M.A., 1973
  • Cambridge University, Graduate Diploma, 1970
  • University of Washington, B.A., 1969


  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • American Academy of Diplomacy
  • U.S.-Tunisian Friendship Association
  • Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training
  • American International Contractors Incorporated (Special Projects)
  • National Security Education Program, Board Chair
  • United States Institute of Peace
  • The i-Care Foundation

Practice & Expertise

  • Host Country Relations
  • Overseas Contracting
  • Government Relations
  • Crisis Management


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