Annie Kim

Investigator and Special Counsel

  • Investigations, false claims, suspension & debarment

  • Former USAID and Energy OIG agent, led nearly 100 fraud investigations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Near East.

  • Nearly ten years of experience with criminal and civil false claims investigations from both the government and defense perspectives.


Annie Kim is a former OIG Special Agent for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Department of Energy. She represents government contractors and NGOs in procurement and grant fraud investigations and also counsels clients on internal fraud and compliance issues to safeguard against future investigations. Annie’s background and insight into government investigations have helped clients effectively and expeditiously reach favorable resolutions.

Annie has conducted investigations on-the-ground throughout North Africa, the Middle East, Near East, Africa, and Europe. She has a deep appreciation for her clients’ work, and the associated risks and challenges from both an operations and geographic standpoint.

Prior to her positions with the government and Nichols Liu, Annie spent three years as a labor representative and negotiator. She credits this experience with sharpening her advocacy skills and being able to establish diplomatic relationships with all sides of the table.


  • University of Illinois, J.D., 2006
  • University of Michigan, B.A., 2000

Bar and Court Admissions

  • District of Columbia Bar

Practice & Expertise

  • Internal and Government Investigations
  • eDiscovery
  • Suspension & Debarment
  • False Claims and White Collar
  • Government financial and performance audits


  • As a USAID OIG special agent, led investigations into allegations of criminal and civil false claims in overseas environments such as North Africa, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • As a USAID OIG special agent, coordinated with agency officials to refer findings for administrative action and resolve investigations.
  • As a Department of Energy special agent, successfully developed cases with the Department of Justice and agency counsel to recover millions in government funds.
  • Represented international NGO in three-year criminal investigation relating to allegations of procurement fraud, theft, phantom employees, and price inflation; no charges brought.
  • Resolved allegations of corporate mismanagement and helped demonstrate client’s present responsibility to lift a show cause notice.
  • Helped resolve a multi-year investigation involving civil and criminal false claims by negotiating a settlement worth ten times less than anticipated by the government.
  • Conducted an internal investigation involving a senior management official and guided client through voluntary disclosure to the agency; successfully concluded without criminal, civil, or administrative charges.
  • Represented international NGO in internal investigation into potential timekeeping practice irregularities disclosed to the government; convincingly presented findings to the government leading to no further investigation.
  • Conducted an internal investigation involving allegations of conflict of interest and advised client on corrective actions and improvements to internal controls to mitigate future risk.
  • Developed a targeted and efficient email review as part of an internal investigation for a government contractor to identify and handle potential issues at significantly less cost than a traditional email review.
  • Helped guide an NGO during a government audit to improve upon deficiencies and minimize findings.
  • Represented a major defense contractor facing a multi-agency criminal investigation and assessed potential exposure from voluntary disclosure.


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