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Getting Disclosures Right: Navigating Risks and Inconsistencies Between Regulations and Agency Expectations

By Annie Kim, Adrian Wigston, Andy Liu and Robert Nichols

April 25, 2019

Having served as investigators, auditors, and lawyers – for the Federal government and now in private practice – we have seen firsthand many of the tricky issues surrounding the government’s mandatory disclosure rules and expectations around disclosures and investigations.  We have also seen the aftermath of organizations running afoul of USAID and its OIG on these issues – to the point of having major awards and programs cancelled, being suspended, and even being put out of business.  Annie Kim, Adrian Wigston, Andy Liu and Robert Nichols have just published the first of two articles designed to assist contractors and recipients of grants/cooperative agreements to better understand and navigate USAID’s disclosure framework.  Click here to download the article, which was published in the May 2019 issue of NGO Financial Newsletter.

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